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Secret reasons women wear trousers

Some women in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) say they prefer wearing trousers to skirts because they are more comfortable and reliable..

The women spoke in separate interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja.

Skirts and dresses are popularly referred to as the basic fashion items for women however, some women find trousers to be a better alternative.

The women gave different reasons why they proffered trousers to skirts.

Geraldine Douglas, a fitness expert, and marketer told NAN that she liked trousers because she felt she and most women who wore trousers looked smarter in them.

“As a marketer, I need to always look smart because my appearance helps in selling my product and getting my potential customers to take me seriously.

“There used to be a saying when I was a kid that a woman in trousers means business and I take that literally.

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“A good pair of trousers makes every woman look smart while feeling comfortable,” she said.

Tosin Afolabi, an entrepreneur told NAN that trousers gave a sense of comfort, relaxation and ease to women who wore them.

Trousers help me easily move around without worry.I always have to carry things around and supervise my workers all the time and with a pair of trousers, I am comfortable enough to do all that.

“With skirts or dresses, you have to always have your legs together and be cautious of how your legs are positioned or if you are showing too much skin or if your skirt is moving up while you walk.

“With trousers, I can run and jump across a gutter with no worries,” Afolabi said.

Grace Dauda, a student of University of Abuja said that she wore trousers for comfort and security.

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“I wear trousers for comfort, basically because they make me feel free and secure.

“As a teenager in a campus like this, I know that my gender makes me vulnerable.

There are days that I finish from class quite late and in order to safely get to my flat, I ensure I run down.It reduces my chances of being attacked on the road and that is something I can’t do comfortably with a skirt,” Dauda said.

Dorothy Oga, told NAN that she wore trousers to hide the scars on her legs.

“I don’t have fresh legs because when I was younger, I suffered from chicken pox.

I was able to minimise the scars on my arms and face, but those on my legs have proven stubborn.I just wear the trousers because I look smart and feel comfortable that my scars won’t be exposed,’’ Oga said.

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Tola Tunji, a hairstylist said that trousers made her comfortable and protected her skin.

“With trousers, I always feel comfortable and have peace of mind because I don’t have to bother myself with being self-cautious when I am sitting down.

Many ladies with skirts forget themselves and have embarrassing moments which are preventable with trousers.Also with the various insects that creep around and the harsh weather conditions, I am able to protect my skin with trousers.

“People praise me for my good skin, but my legs are the freshest and I think it’s because I always wear trousers.

“I am able to protect them from the sun and when I apply skin lotion and wear my trousers, the trousers tend to keep them moisturised and prevents them from drying up.’’

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