Untreated inflammation is life threatening

Untreated inflammation

Untreated inflammation

By Chinenye Offor

Abuja based medical doctor, Dr Okezie Emenike, has warned that untreated inflammation in the body could lead to life threatening conditions.

Emenike disclosed this in an interview on Monday in Abuja.

He described inflammation as a way the body attempts to protect itself aimed at removing harmful stimuli, damaged cells and irritants as well as begin healing process.

He also noted that inflammation was a part of the body’s immune response, saying infections, wounds  or any form of damage can not heal without inflammation.

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According to him, at some point in the lives of humans there can be any form of inflammation experienced either in the muscles and joints, among others.

He stated that inflammation could be caused by several things such as hard work, saying that it was the body’s natural way of treating and protecting itself.

Emenike identified two types of inflammation as acute and chronic inflammation.

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He further said that managing inflammation should start from adapting healthy lifestyle.

“He said stretching the body either by yoga or any other forms of exercise helps decrease inflammation in the body.

“Avoid foods enriched with high sugar, eat fruits and vegetables and also keep the body hydrated to help manage inflammation.

“Administering anti-inflammatory medications in moderation as well as relaxing regularly also helps in the management of inflammation.

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“Applying heat and ice for about 20 minutes on the inflamed body as well as repeating the method at least three times a week will help loosen muscles,’’ the expert recommended.

However, Emenike urged patients with chronic or acute inflammation to seek urgent medical help in order to avert life threatening conditions.

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