Parents, teachers express concern over teens preoccupation with ‘dab’ dance step

Some parents and teachers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have expressed concern over teenagers preoccupation with the trendy dance step, “dab.’’

“Dab dance’’ is a form of dance step that entails the performer raising their hands unto their face, and then drops their face into the elbow of that arm while lifting up their other arm up in the air.

Some stakeholders had described it as taking a sneeze in ones elbow.

Some of the stakeholders, who spoke in Abuja on Monday lamented that such trendy dance step would affect the academics of youths who were mostly involved in this type of dance.

Mrs Hannatu Samson, a teacher and mother of three said that she learnt about dab dance from her children.

I didn’t even know about this dance step until recently when my teenage son was seriously engrossed in practicing some steps to perform during their end of year party.It seems every teenager wants to learn this new dance step.

“I wish that the energy some of them put in acquiring the skills of dab dance can be channeled towards their education,’’ she said.

Similarly, Mr Musa Danjuma, a teacher also expressed concern over the trendy dance step, saying it would affect their performance.

“Most of these kids, rather than engage in summer classes to improve their education, Some of them would be more engrossed in acquiring trendy things like the latest songs, dance, clothes, etcetera,’’ he said.

However, some of the parents and teachers were of the opinion that engaging in some activities like dancing would not affect their education, but rather improve it.

Blessing Stephen, a theatre art graduate said she disagreed with the notion some people have that engaging in dab dance would affect their education.

“I totally disagree with the idea that engaging in dab dance would affect the education of some of these children.

“ In my opinion, it would instead improve on it.

“I remember during my undergraduate days in the university, there was a course that we did, Dance and Body movement where we acquired the skill of dancing as a course.

“Dance itself is a form of relaxation that helps to keep the body in shape.

“So acquiring this skill would rather put the students in a very good mood that would make learning more conducive and interesting for them,’’ she said.

Olamide Abdul said the new dance step was a form of exercise that everyone should acquire the skills, irrespective of their age.
“This trendy dance step that not only teenagers want to learn, but even some adults as well would go a long way to improving the physique of the dancers.

“Dancing is a form of exercise that helps to keep the body in good shape.

“It definitely would not in any way affect their education or other activities, just merely because they are preoccupied with it.

“It will surely pass, other dance steps were in vogue at one time, but are now outdated.

“It is the same way this one will pass and other new steps will take centre stage in the society,’’ he said.

Jesse Nuhu, a student said the dab dance which cuts across ethno-religious barrier in Nigeria had gone viral.

“I remember seeing several pictures and videos on the social media with people performing this trendy step, these pictures showed people from different ethnicity and religion performing the step.

“So in my opinion, it would not in any way affect a student’s performance in school, but rather improve it’’ he said.

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