Minister says burkini ban not right for Italy

Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano does not see the ban on burkinis in some areas of France as a model for his country, according to an interview he granted to an Italian newspaper.

He said that the security measures such as bans on Islam-influenced full-body garments for women have to guarantee security and not act as a provocation that could potentially lead to terrorist attacks.

Burkinis, a portmanteau of burqa and bikini have been banned in a handful of places in France.

They are swimsuits designed to cover women’s heads, arms and legs while bathing in keeping with Islamic standards of modesty.

The Italian government is also working on a model that would require imams who want to practise in the country to do a training course in Italy.

He advised that Islamic communities should do their part to deter terrorism by helping authorities to identify individuals as they become radicalised.

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