How prominent businessman was stabbed with knife during church service


About 150 worshippers were inside the New Jerusalem Apostolic Church, Birmingham, U.K, on Sunday morning when a man with a knife stormed into the sanctuary and attacked three members.

Among the people knifed was a prominent businessman and church elder Karl George.He is the managing director of The Governance Forum.

The attacker who was later identified by the West Midlands Police as John Delahaye, 46, was confronted by ushers when he arrived at the door and was later restrained by members.


“Yesterday, a man came into the church during our morning service and launched an isolated, deliberate, and unprovoked knife attack. We are pleased to update you that all of the victims who were injured during the attack are recovering well,” the church said in a follow-up post on Facebook Monday .

The church added, “The assailant is now in police custody and we are continuing to cooperate with the ongoing police investigation to ensure the safety of our congregation and community. We understand that the individual has unfortunately had a number of issues in the past and we do hope and pray that he receives the help he requires in this regard.”

“Three members of our congregation were injured following a knife attack all of whom have been taken to hospital. The following individuals were injured – Elder Karl George, Adam Brooks and Jorge George. No injuries were life threatening.”

“At this time we are restricting hospital visits to family only and we will keep you updated as regularly as possible. We would like to thank all of our members and friends that were with us this morning for your cooperation, bravery and support and thank everyone else for your prayers,” the church added.

George, the prominent businessman said in a post on Facebook after the incident that  he was left “shaken” by the incident, but  he had recovered.

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