Fruits that increase sexual perfomance, libido



A dietician at the Massey Hospital, Lagos, Mr Olusola Malomo suggested that those deficient in sexual activity could seek for some foods or fruits that  help to increase their sexual performance and libido.

Fruits that  increase sexual performance, libido

He said, “Some foods can be beneficial. These are foods that can enhance sexual performance because of their components”.

He listed them to include watermelon, garlic, ginseng, lemon, ginger, avocado pear, oysters, grain of paradise, alligator pepper and pomegranate seeds.

Dates fruit

Dr Aminu Kazeem, a sexual health therapist who works at Energy for Sex Clinic in Lagos said men who had performance problems should incorporate dates in their diet.

He said “a date fruit is a one-seeded fruit of the date palm tree, which is botanically known as Phoenix dactylifera and belongs to the family of Palmae (Arecaceae) plant.
“The common English names are dried dates, dates, date palm, etc; usually oblong, with varying sizes, shapes, colours, consistencies and quality.

“Eating dates will promote sperm quality and quantity as it is one of the best natural fruits used for male fertility.

“It also increases the size of testes in men and the size of breast in women.

“Consuming the fruit can help to treat sexual disorders because it is a natural aphrodisiac.”

He explained that dates contained high levels of estradiol and flavonoid which aid sperm motility and increase sperm count.

Pomegranate is a good fruit for increasing sexual performance.

It makes your body to produce nitric oxide which helps to open up blood vessels,thus increasing blood flow to the body including penis and ultimately enhances libido.


Banana boosts sex drive and libido because it contains bromelain enzyme.


This fruit contains enormous folic acid which helps metabolise proteins, thereby increasing energy.Avocado produces vitamin B6, which helps to fight stress and enhances the production of testosterone. It also enhances a woman’s libido because of its high potassium.

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