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I caught my husband having sex with our house help – Wife



An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday dissolved a 15-year-old marriage between Timothy Adebisi and his wife, Adejoke for fetishness and adultery.

The President of the court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, said that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and consequently dissolved the marriage.

Akomolede awarded custody of the children to Adejoke and held that Timothy should pay N20, 000 monthly for the upkeep of the five children.

Akomolede granted an unrestricted access to the petitioner to see his children.

Timothy had urged the court to dissolve his 15 years marriage to Adejoke on the grounds of frequent fighting, fetishness, adultery and lack of care for their children.

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Timothy, 42, who resides at No. 7, Adebayo Street, Ado-Ekiti, told the court that they always fought each other on daily basis.

He said his wife always suspect him of infidelity, adding “there were two occasions that she provoked me based on my ways of ministration in church.

“I had to beat her and my boss suspended me for my action,’’ he said.
The petitioner said that his wife failed to yield his warning to desist from keeping late night outside.

The petitioner said that his wife usually gave their children house chores that would make them late to school.

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He said that he stopped eating food cooked by his wife because she was fetish.
“There was a day she brought water for me to drink, after drinking the water we had sex thereafter I had stomach disorder, I suspected she poisoned the water.’’

He asked the court to dissolve the marriage ‎ and award him the custody of the five children.

‘I caught him having sex with our house help’

But the respondent, Adejoke, 36, residing at Shepherd Road, Ado-Ekiti, denied all the allegations.
She, however, confirmed that they frequently fighting and attributed their quarrels to her husband’s irresponsibility and promiscuity.

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He does not pay the children school fees, he is fond of telling the children to meet their mother for every need.Timothy flirts around with ladies; I once caught him having sex with our house help,’’ she claimed.

The respondent said that her husband was always annoyed whenever the children helped her with chores.
“I left his house because he threatened to kill me and that my family will come and pick my corpse,’’ she said.

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