5 terrible mistakes business travelers can make when flying


Arik Air Plane

Arik Air Plane


By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

For Nigerians who fly regularly, there is no argument that you are already used to the routine. However, whenever you fly, there are some terrible mistakes you must have been making that you are probably unaware of. These mistakes can significantly ruin your flight, especially for business travelers. We share some of the terrible mistakes   you can make when flying.

Trusting your flight will have Wi-Fi

There are some flights that you book and you will be told that there is WiFi available. Do not trust them as you may be shocked that there is nothing like WiFi on board. Hence, make arrangements for your own internet especially if you have some jobs to do.

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Wearing uncomfortable shoes

If it is a long flight, try as much as possible to wear comfortable shoes because this can lead to leg bumps. So, if you do not want to start running helter-skelter in search of shoes at a destination you are unfamiliar with, always wear comfortable shoes. In fact, carry extra shoes.

Assuming you will get food on the plane

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Depending on the ticket you bought, you may be offered food. But to be on the safe side, eat before you fly so that you will not be disappointed.


This is one of the greatest sins that a business traveler must avoid. There is no need to over-pack. Pack only the essential items you need so that you can easily get it back when you get to your destination.

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Dressing down

A business traveler should not dress down whenever he flies. Dress formally in such a way that you can leave the airport for any business meeting. You can return later for your luggage especially if you do not get it after you arrive at the airport.

Adeniyi Ogunfowoke is PR Associate @ Jumia Travel

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